Mexico Accidentally Invades U.S., Largest Incursion Since Japanese Invasion

Mexico on Tuesday accidentally invaded the United States when four Humvees carrying 33 Mexican soldiers strayed into US territory, crossing the boundary line on a bridge across the Rio Grande, then continuing as far as the inspection area.

According to reports, it’s the largest “invasion” since the Japanese invasion of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands.

Obviously Mexico wasn’t attempting to actually invade the United States, however it does show how easily crossing the border into U.S. can be accomplished.

According to a Customs and Border Protection rep speaking with Reuters:

“They were processed according to protocols, and they were released and returned to Mexico without incident or charges.”

According to Mexican officials, their soldiers were carrying out reconnaissance on the border when they accidentally crossed into United States territory, it apparently happens on a regular basis and after processing the troops no charges are given and the soldiers return home.

Perhaps it’s time for the Mexican army to invest in some Smartphones with Google Maps or maybe even ask Garmin to create a border map for those in-between areas.

I have this funny image in my head of some racist border patrol volunteer sitting by a border fence with his shotgun in hand when 33 Mexican soldiers come rolling up in four humvees.