June 29, 2017
These Amazing Photos Were NOT Photoshopped! 21 Real, Unaltered Pictures That Will Blow Your Mind!

Whenever a cool picture gets uploaded on the internet, we immediately suspect that a bit of Photoshop magic may have tweaked it here or there. However, not all amazing pictures undergo these "deceitful" alterations. Some of these photos were taken as they were, without the assistance of an image manipulation software. You won't believe these 21 mind-blowing photos were not photoshopped at all.



You would think this is some intense battle scene from Transformers, but this photo is actually a real excavation tool used in Germany, manufactured by steel productions company Krupp. Some of their other "monster" products could be seen here.



This photo just made you cringe, didn't it! Thankfully, it's just a smiling teenager photoshopped on a picture taken from atop a skyscraper, right? Nope! This is a real photo of a stuntman who goes by the name Mustang Wanted. And yes, he was really holding on to a scaffolding, a few hundred feet from the ground.



This looks like a badly photoshopped picture of a teenager "miraculously" walking on water, but this is actually just a perfectly timed photo of a kid who jumped from the diving board. Image from Perfectly Timed Photos.



Did he just kick this man off a building? Yes, yes he did. But don't worry. It's just a piece of performance art by Chinese artist Li Wei. Through the creative use of illusion and props, he was able to shoot this amazingly terrifying photo. Some of his "death-defying" art could be found here.



Nope, this gigantic chair and desk wasn't super-imposed on this park scenery by a graphics design intern. This photo shows a real sculpture in England and was created to inspire lazy writers in Hampstead. Image from Wikimedia.



You might think that this commercial airplane lounging on a busy highway is photoshopped, but it isn't. It's an airplane crossing rather closely to the Autobahn as it lands at Leipzig airport in Germany.



Is Ronald Emmerich making The Day After Tomorrow sequel? Maybe, but this isn't a scene from the trailer. This is a real photo taken by Panhandle Helicopters over Panama City, Florida during a particularly cold, windy day.



Is this doomsday movie coming in theaters near you? Not quite. This is a real sinkhole in a Guatemalan street, which collapsed in 2010. Sinkholes aren't actually uncommon in cities with heavy rainfall, although sinkholes as large as this one is rare, thankfully.



This is a real fish with human teeth! They are called sheepshead fish, and they could be found in Texas and other southern states. Image from Glen J. Kuban via Scientific American.



This creepy picture is a real photo of Billy Owen, a cancer survivor who lost his right eye to carcinoma. Image from Owen's Facebook page.



This "pocket" knife was created by Wenger, the manufacturer of the classic Swiss Army Knife and boasts 85 tools at its beholder's disposal. This "handy" tool is all yours for a measly sum of $1371.



This looks like a skillfully photoshopped picture of a window regurgitating ten cabinets' worth of books. However, it's much cooler than that. This is a real photo of the work of artist Alicia Martin, who intricately suspended these book "sculptures" on buildings all over Spain. Some of her work could be found here.



This must be every driver's worst nightmare. Good thing it's just photoshopped, right? Not really, but they aren't real traffic lights either. This is a sculpture erected in the middle of a roundabout in England. Image from James Spinks via Flickr.



Is this just a badly photoshopped picture of a lady's head on top of an extremely flattened car? Nope! She's a real driver of the world's lowest car, the Flatmobile.



This appears to be a screenshot of one of Tim Burton's older movies, but this is actually a real photo of a bear dining with a typical suburban family. Everyone, meet Brutus, an 812-pound grizzly bear that the Anderson family adopted. Some of Brutus' photos could be seen here.



Nope, it's not photoshopped, nor is it a painting. It's a real place in Portugal and is aptly called "The Blue Dragon". Photographer Steve Richards had the pleasure of taking a picture of this wonderful scenery.



There is a group of people who likes a particular gravity-defying art form called "rock balancing", and the photo above is one of their cooler works.



You won't be able to flush this one in the toilet. This is a real photo of a goldfish caught by a French fisherman named Raphael Biagini. Image from Colinmaire.net



This seems like someone just cropped the lower half of the picture of a typical forest and connected with a different photo of another forest in the bottom. However, this is just a single forest. and the reason why their lower trunks have different colors is actually sad. A few years ago, there was a massive aluminum waste spillage in West Hungary, which flooded through some of the forests like the one above. This turned the lower half of the trees red. Image from Palindromo Mezaros via American Photo Mag.



Lastly, here is picture of a group of flamingos flocking themselves together to form an image of a single flamingo. This can't be right. Surely, this had been photoshopped for a NatGeo ad or something? The amazing thing is, it's not. This is a real photo taken by Robert Haas of a group of flamingos who just happened to arrange themselves incidentally in this avian mosaic. Truly amazing!