Casey Anthony Could Become Millionaire From One Interview, $1.5 Million Offered

Let’s be honest, Casey Anthony doesn’t deserve anything but to go into hiding, yet it turns out not only will she likely come out of hiding, she’ll be doing it for $1.5 million. The big payday is the amount expected to be paid for an exclusive interview with Anthony who was recently handed a “not guilty” verdict in the killing of her daughter even though she failed to report Caylee Anthony missing for a full 30 days.

Anthony’s parents recently turned down a $250,000 payday for an interview, while Anthony’s lawyer is said to be staying in a Manhattan hotel, trying to decide which offer his client should accept, if any.

One network that won’t be bidding is ABC News who already paid Anthony $200,000 in 2008 for an interview. Fearing that their image has been tarnished by paying people to appear on their news programs, ABC now says:

“We can book just about anyone based on the strength of our journalism.”

People who appear on ABC News are not “technically” paid for news in the first place, they are simply given hundreds of thousands of dollars in “expenses” which cover the licensing of photos and videos for the company, which is exactly the same thing as being paid for news in a roundabout away.

ABC calls the practice the “state of play” in the industry, however they are now more concerned about tarnishing their image.

In any respect, it’s sickening to think that Anthony is about to become a millionaire for killing her daughter, at least we’ll get some comfort in knowing that she’ll still have to pay a big sum to her lawyer and if she was smart she would donate the rest of the money from the interview to a children’s charity, it won’t fix her image but it may prevent even more crazy people from getting pissed at her, especially with all the death threats she’s already receiving.