Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Reportedly 'Ready For Kids'

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds may not be in the honeymoon phase anymore, and now seem ready to expand their family by one. An insider at OK! magazine said Blake's maternal instincts are "going crazy" and the 26-year-old actress is eager to start a family.

Blake and Ryan married back in September 2012 and have battled constant pregnancy rumors since then. The couple initially said they were putting family plans on hold to "focus on their career," but lately, Blake's had a little one on her mind. "Her baby hormones are going crazy," OK! magazine reports. "Blake grew up in a big family."

"I have always wanted a big family," Blake admitted to Allure magazine last year. "Oh, I'd love 30 [children] if I could."

It's even been reported that Blake and Ryan have picked out baby names, honoring their marriage location. The couple married at a famous South Carolinian plantation featured in the movie The Notebook, and have decided on Charleston for a son and Carolina for a girl.

A few tabloids are even starting to report that they've seen the baby bump, but for now, Blake's keeping the whole thing under wraps. She does admit to practicing her homemaking skills by playing chef in the kitchen. The couple share that they love to cook for themselves and hardly order out at restaurants. Blake admits that she does most of the work in the kitchen, but Ryan's usually in charge of the grill.

"Ryan's definitely more of the grill man than I am," she says. "I like making the sides. Because with grilling, you have to stand there and it takes forever. But the sides, that's where you get to put all the flavors in and all that good stuff." What's her favorite cookout dish? "In the summer I like anything that has brighter flavors," Blake says. "So more greens, more fruit, things that have a little pop or kick."

Do you think we'll see a bump soon on Blake? Or is the gorgeous Hollywood couple still too career-focused?

Image via The Stylist