7 Beauty Tips To Survive The Sizzling Summer

Summer is upon us, but before you head out in the blazing heat, check out these beauty tips. The sun can wreak some serious havoc on your skin, so here are some tidbits to keep both you and your skin happy this summer.

Beauty Tip #1: Wear sunscreen! Beauty experts can't emphasize it enough. At least 15 minutes before sun exposure, apply your sunscreen. There are tons of brands and types to choose from, but make sure your sunscreen has an SPF of 30 or higher, water-resistance, and protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Don't forget to reapply!

Beauty Tip #2: Put down those irons! The sun's rays can penetrate deep into the hair's fibers and cause damage worse than your regular flatiron. Instead of reaching for your crimper, try a spray a sea salt solution to bring out your natural waves.

Beauty Tip #3: Look for lip products with SPF! From lipsticks to lip balms, the lips are often the most neglected when it comes to sun protection, and trust us; you don't want to experience sunburned lips.

Beauty Tip #4: Hydrate! This goes for both you and your skin. Drinking lots of water keeps your body retaining moisture, and a healthy amount of moisturizer every day keeps your skin soft and supple.

Beauty Tip #5: Keep frizz away! Try out a diffuser when blow-drying to smooth your hair while limiting its exposure to heat. For bonus points, blast your hair with a cool shot of hair to lock in your style and shine. Even if you don't own a diffuser, remember to deep condition every other week for smoother hair.

Beauty Tip #6: Switch to waterproof formulas of your makeup essentials! Most mascara brands offer a waterproof counterpart, so take advantage of it! Waterproof formulas are more wax-based rather than water-based, leaving your mascara flawlessly smudge-proof all day. An added bonus: waterproof formulas tend to hold curls better. Remember: waterproof formulas can take a toll on your lashes, so keep an oil-based eye makeup remover to keep your lashes from getting dry and brittle.

Beauty Tip #7: Don't be afraid to rock a bare face! Summer is a great time to just let your skin have some R & R, just like you! So when you're running off to beach, instead of piling on a full face, put on some confidence and head out! Your skin will thank you.

Anyone can try out these simple beauty tips and see drastic improvement to your summertime fun!