Mariah Carey’s Co-Manager Jermaine Dupri Is Fed Up With Fans

Mariah Carey’s producer and co-manager Jermaine Dupri is a little fed up with fans.

The singer’s legion of loyal supporters frequently took aim at the guy during the numerous delays associated with Carey’s long-awaited album Me. I Am Mariah. The Elusive Chanteuse. A few of them became even more vocal about their displeasure with how little promotion the record has received in recent days.

Since Mariah Carey’s fans have no trouble voicing their opinions on social media, it didn’t take long for these complaints to reach Dupri. Since he’s understandably frustrated by all the negatives things people are saying about him, Jermaine decided to address the situation with a post on his official website. In short: He’s ready for everyone to shut up.

Carey’s co-manager explained:

“Okay enough is enough!! I can’t continue to let you think, what you see or don’t see is a result of me not knowing what I’m doing, this is bigger than me and in the music business things don’t go as fast as you would always like them to, if you know my history, you know I want to go down as one of the greatest produces of all times, I want to be mentioned with the greats like berry Gordy and Clive Davis when people talk about putting out artist, so for me, allowing you to believe I don’t care about the promotion of the Mariah record and I don’t see you screaming at me, that this song and that song needs to be a single, goes against everything that I’m about, believe me! everything that you question Will be answered ASAP!!!!”

Since Mariah’s new album is suffering from poor sales at the moment, fans feel the singer needs to focus on spreading the news about her music instead of pimping an “interactive” drink called Butterfly. The Inquisitr previously reported that sucking down a bottle of the beverage makes you feel as though Mariah is sitting right there next to you. Scary, that.

Check out Butterfly’s official description:

“Butterfly gives everyone something new to sing about. Let this melodic blend of sophisticated sweetness lift you to your high notes every day that you pamper yourself with a sip of Butterfly inspired by Mariah Carey.”

Do you think Mariah Carey and her handlers need to spend more energy promoting her new album and less time pushing merchandise featuring the singer’s name?

[Image via BET]