Justin Bieber Zero Evidence: Won’t Face Felony Charges In Alleged Attempted Robbery Investigation

Justin Bieber will not be charged with felony attempted robbery charge in a case in which an unidentified woman said the star took her cellphone. According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney, investigators found zero evidence of Bieber doing anything wrong.

In what’s been a Defcon 5 past week for Justin Bieber, a little light enters the frame.

Bieber will not face a felony attempted robbery charge after an unidentified woman alleged he took her cellphone while they were at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park batting cage/ mini-golf complex in Los Angeles on May 12.

On Thursday, the LA County District Attorney rejected the alleged attempted robbery case after investigators found no evidence of wrongdoing on Bieber’s part.

A San Fernando woman alleged Bieber went into her purse and took out her cellphone. The accuser claimed the singer wanted to see if she had taken photos of an alleged altercation between his crew and other males at the batting cage.

The woman also claimed Bieber “wrestled” with her and demanded that she open up her cell photo archive. She also alleged Bieber made her teen daughter cry after he allegedly spoke harshly to her [the mother].

The woman told police she allegedly tried to reason with Bieber as he reached in her purse and tried to grab her phone.

“I’m not recording, I’ll show you,” the accuser alleges she told the 20-year-old, the New York Daily News reports.

Within two days of the allegation, a Castle Park employee phoned into a May 14 TMZ “Live” session and said none of the acccuser’s claims took place.

The witness said Bieber was upset when the woman kept taking photos despite bodyguards’ requests to stop, but claims he only told her, “Just stop, just stop… with the pictures.”

The witness specifically said Bieber “never touched” the accuser, her purse or cellphone and also denied claims that he spoke harshly.

The employee also claimed the 13-year-old girl cried because Justin didn’t want to pose for snaps.

Bieber was investigated by the LAPD’s Robbery/Homicide Division and Robbery Special Section.

According to TMZ, investigators interviewed nine witnesses and not one saw Bieber involved in any kind of physical altercation.

The accuser’s daughter was also interviewed. The girl reportedly said she was crying due to “excitement” over seeing Bieber, The News reports.

Prosecutors noted there were no cameras in the batting cage area and said Bieber declined to be interviewed.

The DA rejected felony prosecution and sent the file to the City Attorney who may decide to charge Bieber with a misdemeanor, but it’s thought that’s unlikely.

When the alleged attempted robbery first opened, Bieber attorney Howard Weitzman told the Associated Press the singer had been trying to hit baseballs when the accuser aggressively began taking snaps, then tried to get a shot of him with her daughter.

Weitzman said Bieber asked the woman to stop harassing him. In addition to the employee and Weitzman’s statements, a source close to Bieber previously told ABC News, The News and CNN that:

“Justin was just enjoying hanging out with friends at the batting cage and playing mini-golf” and did not a cause a scene.

There were a lot of different people taking Justin’s picture, which is totally normal. This just wasn’t a big deal, the woman didn’t stand out.”

The insider added. “This is another example of someone making an issue where there isn’t one.”