‘Nintendo’s White PlayStation 4 Debuts’ In Hilarious ‘Los Angeles Times’ Mistake

Did you know Nintendo’s white PlayStation 4 was coming? Apparently the writers and editors of the Los Angeles Times thought so, and it became the subject of hilarity among gamers across the internet.

It’s mistakes like that one which illustrate how important it can be to just write what you know. Anyone going into the E3 2014 news would usually know that it was Sony behind the PlayStation … though the mistaken headline does have a strange and ironic backstory.

Back in the days of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and Sega Genesis, Sony wanted to get into the gaming market. They tried to make a deal with Nintendo to create a console known as the SNES CD, but when Nintendo turned them down they went ahead on their own. Ever the rebels in the gaming market, Nintendo refuses to make games on a popular format, even engineering the GameCube to play its discs by spinning them in the opposite direction.

When Sony released the original PlayStation, it was a phenomenal success, spawning three extremely popular upgrades with each new generation. Nintendo’s white PlayStation 4 could have been a reality if Nintendo had agreed to work with Sony in the beginning. Despite the hilarious error in the Los Angeles Times, the mistake has rather ironic facts behind it.

All we have is a picture taken of the physical newspaper, but the headline is definite proof that sometimes you just have to look your facts up to avoid being laughed at across the internet. We all make mistakes, it’s true, and some people even end up famous for them. Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, and Amanda Bynes are among the most popular celebrities who gained infamy for their mistakes.

Perhaps the hilarious headline actually made a nice income for the Los Angeles Times when gamers wanted a hard copy of one of the most hilarious mistakes in gaming journalism?

Nintendo’s white PlayStation 4 isn’t real, but its ironically true backstory makes it almost too spooky for laughs. We won’t begrudge you a chuckle, though.

[image via kotaku, @sibel47]