WWE News: Official Website Teases Third Member For ‘The Shield’

Since their initiation into the WWE back in 2012, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns, collectively known as The Shield, have dominated the WWE landscape as “the hounds of justice.” Bringing their unique style of guerrilla warfare to the squared-circle, many WWE superstars, including John Cena, Ryback, CM Punk, Kane, and even the Undertaker, have felt the damage this trio can do. Unfortunately for Ambrose and Reigns, Rollins eventually “evolved” to become the “crack” in The Shield.

On a creative note, The Inquisitr did report that Rollins’ betrayal, which we compared to Judas betraying Jesus, was a last-minute decision by the WWE creative team, quite possibly in the wake of Batista quitting. However, it should also be known that such a brash last-minute decision may become a paralyzing clutch in the long run, such as our report that the Undertaker losing to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXX was also a last-minute decision, one that the WWE is now regretting. Still, what was done cannot be undone, only rectified with a solution that will be both entertaining and accepting for the WWE Universe.

Fortunately for the WWE, they recognize this possibility by writing an editorial on who would be best to take Seth Rollins’ place in The Shield on their official website. The editorial featured six different superstars and why they would be a perfect fit in The Shield. Some of the WWE superstars made sense if they were going for someone who’d perfectly fit the role of high-flyer. This includes Adrian Neville (from NXT), John Morrison, and Cody Rhodes. To some extent, these three have high-flying capabilities especially Neville (who’s finisher is known as the “Red Arrow” – a corkscrew shooting star press) and Morrison (who’s finisher is known as the “Starship Pain” – a split-legged corkscrew moonsault).

Other WWE superstars wouldn’t fit whatsoever and were probably chosen for popularity. This includes Big E and Dolph Ziggler. Both are entertaining wrestlers in their own right but neither are high-flyers, but they both have some form of ring mechanic which would enhance the synergy between the other two members, especially Dolph Ziggler who is a former heavyweight champion.

However, WWE made the best choice in Daniel Bryan. Not only does he have high-flying abilities but the in-ring knowledge that would work well in a team. Maybe that is why Team Hell No was such a success. Combining both of these qualities make a perfect fit as if Bryan is the missing piece in the puzzle. He truly can be “The NEW Architect of The Shield” if he wants to, if we don’t take into account the neck injury and the fact The Shield assaulted him numerous times in the past too.

Unfortunately, What Culture did come out with a report stating that the WWE isn’t looking for anyone to herald the mantle of the third member in The Shield. They stated that adding a third member wouldn’t be the same as if Seth Rollins were in it. This is sad because we reported that Ronda Rousey could possibly become the third member of The Shield if WWE creative were to allow it to happen. I personally would love to see a female member in The Shield, I mean she does have the look down thanks to her role in The Expendables 3. Who knows. Maybe WWE will turn The Shield into a traditional tag team since the three-man stable has been cut down as of late. Or maybe they’ll find just the right WWE superstar to fill the void.

[Images via WWE official website and Meme Generator]