Guy With Ridiculous Photoshop Skills Creates Incredibly Mind-Bending Images, You Have To See These

Have you ever had a picture or idea in your head that you just wish you could create, but just didn’t have the know how to do so?

Well Photoshop master Martin De Pasquale has got you covered as he creates some of the most mind-blowing images that enter his brain.

Usually only seen in our wildest imaginations, some scenes just can’t be put into words. It takes a special talent to take what’s going on upstairs and lay it down on a piece of paper or computer screen.

For Buenos Aires based De Pasquale, those wildest imaginations are every day realities.

Focusing on the human body, Martin portrays everything from a head that operates similar to a light bulb to a bearded face that is being mowed by a lawn mower.

Even the most talented Photoshop users can tip their hat to De Pasquale, as these truly are incredible.

Luckily for us, this talented Photoshop master also takes the time to explain just how he created some of his images. Be sure to check out his video at the bottom.

What do you think of these mind-bending images created by this Photoshop master? Does your mind and thoughts work similar to his?


[Images via Martin De Pasquale]