‘Dead Island 2’ Trailer: Deep Silver Developer Didn’t Even Have Time For A Beer At Sony E3 2014 Show

The Dead Island 2 trailer didn’t even give Deep Silver’s game director Bernd Diemer time to get a beer before it debuted at Sony’s E3 2014 show. Though the series hasn’t been very popular since its lackluster addition of Riptide, it seems Sony wanted to start the show with a bang, and a few zombies.

One idea that Deep Silver is trying this time with Dead Island 2 is getting the game out of its depressing roots and putting the invasion right in the middle of the US spotlight. Instead of the fictional Australian island of Banoi, the next game is set in San Francisco and extends to Hollywood itself. The tone is meant to be ironic, having a swarm of the undead in the middle of a “happy” locale.

Even the music in the Dead Island 2 trailer and the rumored appearance of Jack Black and Aaron Paul give the game more of an upbeat feel, even if the prototype on hand was lacking the refinement shown in the trailer. Perhaps that was why Diemer and his fellow Deep Silver developers wanted to grab a beer first.

Bernd Diemer explained the situation:

“I didn’t know they would have it like the first f***ing thing at the show. We were sitting here (Los Angeles Convention Center) because we were still on the show floor because Yager has a second prototype we’re showing off and they were still setting up PC’s, and then it was too late to go over there and we didn’t have enough tickets for all our guys anyways so we decided to stay here. One of the security guys was so nice to turn on a TV downstairs — one of those Twitch things they have in the lobby because everything was closed already — because we said, ‘Ah, please turn it on because we need to watch it because of our game.’

“It started with a, ‘Hey we’re about to start in five minutes,’ and I thought I might as well run up for a couple of beers because we’re third party, we’ll probably be right at the end … and the first thing that Adam said was, ‘And here’s zombies next…’ We knew they would announce it. We knew they would show the trailer, but I didn’t expect that. I was blown away.”

Were you as surprised as the Deep Silver developers that the Dead Island 2 trailer started the Sony E3 2014 show?

[image via elpixelilustre]