Man Stumbles Across Original Script To One Of The Greatest Films Ever Made While Cleaning Out A Warehouse, You Won’t Believe Which One

A man cleaning out a London warehouse stumbled upon an original script and a hand-written note for one of the greatest films of all-time, The Godfather.

Posted to the photo sharing site Imgur, user goneshocking was having some work done on his home when one of the builders told him about a script he had found while cleaning out an old tea warehouse in London.

Intrigued by the story, the man asked the builder to bring the script with him the next day. To his disbelief, the script the man laid before him belonged to none other than the undeniably influential film, The Godfather. Accompanying the incredible find was a hand-written shooting note, written by an unknown author.

The man was given permission to take some detailed photos of the script, which he then posted to Reddit and Imgur.

Asked if the builder had given any thought to selling the script, the man informed other users that the builder had no plans to sell, despite the multiple offers he received.

Another interesting note that one user brought up is that the script appears to have the name Al Lettieri written on the front page, who plays the character “Sollozo.”

There appears to be only one other original Godfather script posted for sale, currently on eBay.

The asking price? $10,000.

Check out the photos of the original Godfather script below.


[Images via Imgur user goneshocking]