Man Uses Special Forces Experience To Battle Animal Poachers, His Fight Will Have You Standing And Cheering [Photos]

An Australian man is using his special forces experience to battle animal poachers in the African country on Zimbabwe to protect endangered wildlife in the region.

Meet Damien Mander.

Damien was extremely saddened by the poaching situation in Africa after visiting and decided to take it upon himself to help remedy the situation. Upon returning to Australia, he sold his house and used every dime he had to create the International Anti-Poaching Foundation. Moving to Zimbabwe in the process, he set out to begin his work and to begin making a difference.

A former Australian Royal Navy and Special Operations sniper, Mander took to military tactics to begin training an army of rangers that would aid in defending the endangered wildlife in the area.

Below is a set of photos and a few of the captions posted to the photo sharing site Imgur explaining one mans experience with Mander, along with the details of the IAPF’s mission.

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What do you think of this man and his commitment to protect the endangered African wildlife?


Across much of Africa anti-poaching tactics have remained largely unchanged for decades. Small groups of undertrained and poorly equipped rangers are sent out for days on end to conduct patrols in remote and dangerous locations. Modern-day poachers have evolved and routinely utilise military tactics and equipment to kill high-target species, such as elephants, rhinos and gorillas. In the cross-fire, rangers are also killed. Seeing this shortfall, the IAPF set out in 2009 to fill the gap.

Mander advocates for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also called drones, to protect endangered wildlife. Their drones feature thermal and night-vision technology for use in military-style anti-poaching operations to prevent poachers from killing animals.

At one of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation’s operations in Zimbabwe, not one rhino has been poached since we started managing security operations here in 2010. The nearest rhino population, 100kms to the east, has been decimated, from 76 black rhino down to only a remaining few in recent years.

Our rangers track the critically endangered black rhino for up to 20kms a day. Substitute feeding is put into some locations in order to attract and account for those that have not been followed the entire time.

Donating equipment and training to a foundation in one of the highest poaching areas.

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[Images via Imgur user nevernorth]