New world record for holding a live scorpion in your mouth

A Thai woman who calls herself the “Scorpion Queen” (cause freaky bitch was already taken) has set a new world record for holding a live seven-inch scorpion in her mouth for a bit over two minutes.

Kanchana Kaetkaew’s husband, Boonthawee Siangwong placed the poisonous scorpion in her mouth, where it stayed for two minutes and three seconds before she spat it out.

Her husband who calls himself the Centipede King watched as she made her record attempt in front of a crowd at a shopping center. Most shopping centers just book Santa or a singing act or Shrek even. Not some mad woman who amuses herself by sucking on scorpions. While wearing a dress covered in them.

Miss Kaetkaew has her sights set on beating her own record for living in a glass enclosure with 5,000 scorpions. The old record is 32 days, and she is planning on topping that with 33 days.

Kaetkaew and Siangwong met at a snake resort and are clearly a match made in creepy crawly heaven. The Centipede King has also set some weird world records, he lived for 28 days with 1,000 centipedes – also in a glass enclosure. Although Mrs Weirdo obviously has bragging rights at home because 5,000 scorpions kicks the ass of 1,000 centipedes.