Humans Are Only Animals with Shrinking Brains [Study]

Humans may be able to take on more tasks than a Chimpanzee in terms of intellect but that doesn’t mean our brains are better in every respect, a recent study conducted at George Washington University has found that while human brains shrink over time, chimpanzees do not suffer from the same fate, in fact researchers believe only human brains shrink in the animal kingdom.

The reason seems simple enough, according to one researcher:

“It seems that this is the cost [of longer life spans]” while he adds, “We experience more extensive atrophy in the brain that results in this obvious shrinkage, of a kind that is not seen even in our closest relatives, chimpanzees.”

The non-shrinking brain helps explain why chimpanzees don’t suffer from Alzheimer’s, dementia and other brain related issues later in life.

Researchers hope the study can help them better understand why human brains begin to deteriorate as they age, although how the study will direct future research has not been revealed at this time.