Two Teens Plummet To Their Deaths ‘Trying To Have Sex’ On 6th-Story Balcony

Two teens in London plunged 60 feet to their deaths in the early hours of Wednesday morning in what witnesses describe as a disastrous attempt to have high-rise, outdoor sex.

Paramedics were called just after midnight Wednesday morning to the Knights Tower apartments in Southeast London’s Deptford district on the south bank of the Thames River which runs through London. They found the two teens dead at the scene.

The victims were identified as Anastasia Tutik, 19, a Russian national and an 18-year-old from Mexico who was named only as Miguel, with no surname available. A witness, who lives in a nearby building and says he has seen couples engaged in sexual behavior on the building’s balconies before, said that the couple were attempting “some dangerous stuff.”

Reportedly the couple had met only earlier that evening at a party in the building. The two took a clear liking to each other and were soon having sex on the sixth floor balcony, witnesses said.

“At some point friends must have come outside and they got down and came back inside and then came back out again. They started doing it again,” said witness Samson Oguntayo, 32. “You see people on the balcony doing all sorts of things and I just felt they will probably go back inside. The last thing I expected was to see them falling down. We just screamed.”

Oguntayo said the pair were “trying to have sex on the balcony.”

“The guy was lifting the girl and putting her on the banister, he kept on doing it. He was putting her on there – they were going back and forth,” Oguntayo described.

Another man said he spoke to a woman who also saw the accident take place.

“She saw him lift her up and put her on the edge of the balcony,” he said. “She said she had her arms around his neck and then he was stood against her, kissing her. Then she saw his legs stumble backwards – he stumbled backwards and she stumbled the other way. Then they both fell off.’

The two were reported to be students at Bellerbys College, a school for international students which charges fees of over $35,000 per year.

Another Mexican student, who gave his name as Alfonso, said the the deceased Miguel, a business student from Monterrey, Mexico, arrived in London just one week earlier, to take a summer course in English.

“Anastasia was very pretty — slim, blonde with green eyes — but she was very intelligent as well. She was one of the top students in the class,” said Alfonso. “She was studying A-levels and she was hoping to go to university in September. Miguel’s family are devastated. His parents are flying over from Mexico. They will arrive tomorrow morning.”

The parents of Anastasia Tutik are reported to be flying to London from Russia as well.

Bellerbys school has a student body of about 300 international students, but three have died already this year. A Russian teen died in her dorm room earlier this year, reportedly of a drug and alcohol overdose.