Rapist Frames Victim For Robbery, Nearly Pulls Off Real Life Law & Order SVU Plot

Jerry Ramrattan wasn’t happy when Seemona Sumasar, a woman he raped came forward to press charges against him and so he hatched a plan to frame her for robbery, a plan that almost appeared to be ripped right from the plotlines of popular crime show Law & Order: SVU.

The 36-year-old victim told the New York Times that over the three months time Ramrattan convinced three separate shop owners to call in bogus robberies, those bogus calls eventually led police to arrest Sumasar and hold her for seven months while awaiting trial.

She says of her arrest:

“From the beginning, I said he made it up,” while adding, “I never thought my life would become a cop film.”

According to a Queens DA:

“We prosecute tens of thousands of cases each year, but in the collective memory, no one has ever seen anything like this before.”

Ramrattan is now in jail awaiting trial, he claims that Sumasar is framing him, talk about an ironic twist of fate.