R. Kelly’s Son Jay: Teen Shares He Is Transgender

R. Kelly’s son Jay is taking the opportunity to talk to people about being a transgender teen, and his honesty is generating a lot of support. The 13-year-old initially let it be known that he is transgender quietly via his Instagram page. Now he is opening up and seemingly willing to answer many questions on his Ask.fm page.

The young teen, now going by the name of Jay, was originally given the name Jaya. Andrea Kelly and R. Kelly’s son Jay never publicly announced that he is transgender, but the word is spreading quickly. He wrote on his Ask.fm that he simply wrote in his Instagram bio “Jay, transguy, ukelele, (an emoji),” and when someone asked if he’d date a white boy, he pointed out that they should read his bio. The person then asked if he was transgender and he replied that yes, he is. The buzz has built from there.

Jay Kelly shares that he first started identifying as male when he was 6 or 7, and his mother has been aware of it all for about a year. He says his sister and brother have been very supportive as well, and it’s quite clear that they are a close, tight-knit family. What about his musician father? They are not close, and he doesn’t know what his father thinks of his revelations. Though Jay doesn’t go into specifics, it’s clear that the relationship with his father is not a good one. Many may remember Jay’s mom from the reality TV show Hollywood Exes.

The transgender teen shares that he is hoping to have gender realignment surgery once he is a bit older, so he can be “who I was supposed to be.” It’s clear from Jay’s Ask.fm page that he never really intended on things becoming quite so public, and he is getting some bullying and difficult commentary thrown at him as a result. That said, he seems to be letting things roll off his back fairly well. He appears to be embracing the fact that he is helping others who are facing the same kinds of challenges.

Though the teen admits that he has struggled, he certainly is inspiring many of his followers. Jay Kelly says that he initially came out as transgendered to his mom via a text message. He says that she has always loved him for who he is, and she has “not once judged me in life.” While many people make it clear they don’t understand or support the transgender community, perhaps well-spoken teens like R. Kelly’s son Jay can pave the way to make acceptance a bit easier for others.