WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar Could Return Sooner Than Expected, Targeting Money In The Bank PPV

The latest WWE rumors are looking good for fans of Brock Lesnar, who could see the wrestler back from his shocking win much earlier than anticipated.

The common belief in WWE circles was that Lesnar would be back to the ring just before SummerSlam, coming back full force with a superstar feud and a headline match in the summer’s signature event.

But new WWE rumors indicate that the company might need to bring him out of hiding much sooner, owing in large part to a scarcity of superstars. Daniel Bryan is out nursing an injury, and CM Punk has left the wrestling scene entirely, leaving the WWE without a superstar to headline the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV event.

As Rant Sports reports, Brock Lesnar has a contract clause limiting his number of appearances, a handy feature given that CM Punk was driven away by chronic injuries caused by too much time in the ring. So the WWE would have to be careful in how he is used — and especially how often.

But after a shocking Wrestlemania 30 match in which Lesnar ended The Undertaker’s undefeated streak, the WWE could be wise to get him back to the ring a bit earlier than expected.

As writer Shaun Lowe noted, there are a lot of factors at play for a possible Brock Lesnar comeback:

“I also think their biggest concern with having him around too much is the draw of having Lesnar on a PPV or Raw card too frequently would cause fans to lose interest. If he’s brought in to shore up the talent pool and it’s made to look at all like that’s the only reason he’s there, the fans will react to him much the same as they did with Batista; if he’s brought in as the man who conquered The Undertaker‘s undefeated streak, with nothing short of absolute top to bottom conquest of the WWE in mind, he will be loved and loathed like no superstar before him.”

Insider Dave Meltzer of Observer Radio reported that the WWE plans for Daniel Bryan to have the Heavyweight belt at SummerSlam, meaning whoever wins at Money in the Bank will somehow end up losing before SummerSlam. Meltzer noted that the reason for the sudden loss is so the WWE can set up a feud between Bryan and Lesnar.

But the WWE rumors could all be scrapped if Daniel Bryan can’t recover in time from his surgery, Meltzer noted. In that case, Brock Lesnar might not be rushed back into service.