David Beckham Loses Out In Miami, But Becomes Ambassador For Wildlife Project With Prince William

David Beckham wants to bring his professional soccer team to Miami, but the local authorities are showing resistance. This is the second time in one month’s time that the English captain was denied access to build his sought after stadium. In conjunction with professional league rules, establishing a stadium is instrumental to the process of establishing a new soccer club.

The city’s mayor, Tomas Regalado, once on board with the project, inevitably revoked his vote for the new stadium and, according to sources, is citing that it would be ”inappropriate” to to build a soccer stadium on “prime waterfront real estate.” Previously, Beckham received push back from Royal Caribbean cruise lines when he tried earlier in the month to begin plans to build on the famed Miami waterfront.

He has also faced criticism with his plan to start his own ball club when he announced his intent to do so back in February. A statement was released by Miami Beckham United, Beckham’s corporate entity in charge of organizing the MLS club, regarding their attempts to secure a Miami location:

We presented a strong proposal for the site suggested to us by the two mayors. Our package was the most equitable soccer stadium proposal that Miami, or any other city in America, has ever seen, 100% privately funded without any local taxpayers’ money. Our team will now pause and weigh alternatives. The people of Miami deserve a team and stadium that they will be proud of for decades to come.

This rejection happens on the heels of Beckham being named an ambassador for a campaign spearheaded by Prince William himself. According to People magazine, Beckham and the Duke of Cambridge teamed up to stop illegal poaching, with the Prince’s latest philanthropic endeavor appropriately named “United for Wildlife.” In a statement released by the Prince, he says:

Our plea is this: Join us and help stop illegal poaching. Illegal wildlife trade thrives because it is hidden. We wanted to find a way to show the world what was happening.

Beckham joins other major league stars in the sports world to show his support for the cause. Tennis player Andy Murray and motor racing driver Lewis Hamilton also have joined the campaign.

Prior to receiving his denial for Miami space for his soccer club, David Beckham was named the lead ambassador to the Prince’s cause alongside William’s younger sibling Harry.