Michelle Obama Rules Out Political Career

Back in the halcyon days of Bill Clinton’s presidency, then-First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton’s political aspirations and impact on public policy wasn’t always well-received- along with her habit of using her maiden and married names, she was seen as a bit outspoken for a missus.

We all know how it ended, with Mrs. Clinton elected to the Senate and eventually running for her own spot in the White House. Michelle Obama, however, insists she has no such lofty aspirations, despite her past practice in law. Mrs. Obama said point blank when asked that a career in politics is not something on her to-do list:

“The answer is N-O. Period. Dot.”

“What I’ve learned as a woman growing up, getting older, is you’ve got to know who you are. And a politician – it’s never been who I was or wanted to be.”

Mrs. Obama also says she does feel a bit of guilt in her role as the First Lady:

“You get a little selfish sometimes,” she said. “But every time I get irritated or feel lonely or tired, I just think, ‘this is our duty’.”

The Commander in Chief’s wife isn’t a lady who lunches, however- when not supporting her husband or performing official duties, she can be seem campaigning for prevention of childhood obesity.