WWE News: UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey Set To Join The Shield?

While many MMA purists claim that MMA is a real sport and Pro-Wrestling is dumb because it is “fake”, don’t tell that to several fighters who are major fans of the Pro-Wrestling product. UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey has made it known for some time that she is a huge WWE fan and claims that she “marks out” for several wrestlers. She said she almost fainted meeting CM Punk at one point.

Truly Rousey is a fan girl and many wonder if she ever would have interest in joining the WWE when her UFC contract ends. WWE probably has some interest and many wonder if WWE might pull the trigger to get her involved at a WrestleMania down the line. WWE is trying to iron out details that would have Rousey as part of SummerSlam this August. Rousey has a mini-faction of sorts with her friends called the Four Horsewomen as a tribute to legendary Pro-Wrestling faction the Four Horsemen. There are rumors that if she went, the friends would come as well. Good fighters in their own right.

WWE is still working on everything, but if they are able to secure the fighting bombshell, could she be part of The Shield? Many have wondered if WWE would ever add a female member to the faction, but they never pulled the trigger. Now, WWE might just do it and have her part of the team come SummerSlam. It all started with a recent tweet, where a fan asked Roman Reigns about Rousey potentially joining The Shield. Here is what he had to say:

“@MidgeBringsIt: The @TheShieldWWE needs a new member. A female. THE female. @RondaRousey, believe in the Shield! She seems like a good fit

Rousey saw the tweet a while later, and said this in response:

How did I not see this till right now!? @wweromanreigns

Reigns, obviously seeing Rousey’s interest, decided to play it up on Twitter, saying:

@RondaRousey well hell lets get a vest on u and start tearing the world apart!

Ronda Rousey

WWE would obviously not be able to bring in Ronda full time as she is currently the champion of a developing female division in UFC. Dana White could never allow the star of his female division to stay with WWE or work with them a lot, where she could get hurt and be unable to defend the title.

However, WWE and UFC have worked together in the past. Rousey is a huge fan and the UFC is trying to get cross-over appeal, as fans of wrestling naturally seem to be fans of MMA much of the time. Sadly it’s not the other way around for MMA fans.

I’m sure White would welcome the UFC love on a major WWE event. That means Ronda Rousey being at the event is probably very likely. The issue is, would the UFC allow her to wrestle a bit? That is something that we might not see. We obviously know Rousey will not be able to stay, and we know she has expressed interest in coming to the WWE and wrestling. She is trained in it after all.

If she did come in, she would be the only woman ever to perform in the UFC and WWE. So that alone is worth the time if you ask me.

Many believe that although the WWE was attempting to get Rousey involved with them for a while, the idea of her being part of The Shield was never discussed. Now that the internet has blown up over it, there is a huge chance we could see her involved with at least one member of The Shield at SummerSlam.

The current plan is to have Reigns face Triple H at the event. That being said, a potential tag team match with her and Ambrose is probably not too far-fetched. It would be doubtful that the WWE would have her and her friends face off with the Divas, as it might be a little too one-sided.

WWE might have a draw with her. Despite the fact that UFC is not nearly as popular as it likes to think, a lot of the fighters are well known. Rousey has been a major name for the female fight world for some time now, so she can help the SummerSlam card. Let’s hope she’s there, and dressed down to the swat level.

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