Burger King Parking Lot Shooter Injures Four Passengers In A Car

Burger King in New Orleans is dealing with a traumatic shooting in which a gunman fired shots into a car, injuring four people on Tuesday morning.

According to WGNO, the shooting happened at about 8:50 am in the Burger King parking lot close to the corner of Franklin and Robinson. Police say the gunman opened fire on a car backing out of the parking lot, injuring one woman and three men.

One man was shot in the head while another man was hit in the arm. A female and another male passenger were cut and scraped by flying glass.

All passengers, aside from the critically injured man who was struck in the head, are 20-years-old.

According to the New Orleans Police Department, the suspect who attacked the people in the Burger King parking lot is described as a male having a dark complexion with shoulder-length dreadlocks.

The Inquisitr will update as more information becomes available.