Awesome Dad Has Done Something Amazing For His Son Every Day For The Past Two Years, His Dedication And Talent Will Make You Smile

It can sometimes be pretty embarrassing for a kid to open up his lunchbox, only to find a note from mom or dad reminding them to eat the veggies that were packed.

However, one first grade boy has became the envy of all his classmates as his dad has been sending him to school with some of the most incredible hand-drawn lunch bag’s that you’ll ever see.

Individually drawing the bags every day for the past two years, Reddit user Welldunn decided to post a few of his favorites to the photo sharing site, Imgur.

Created completely with a set of colored-pencils, the drawings range from Pokemon to Iron Man to Spiderman, each taking about 30-minutes to complete. Usually penning his masterpieces in his free-time while eating his own lunch or watching TV at night, he has drawn a unique character each and every time.

According to Welldunn, his son keeps a few every now and then, but the majority are given to his classmates, with some even finding their way on to the wall of his art teacher’s classroom.

What do you think of this lunch bag artwork created by this very talented dad? Would you happily tote these to work with you as an adult?

[Images via Reddit user Welldunn]