Watch: Super Cute Baby Goat Has Adorable Reaction When A Bug Goes Up His Nose

We, of course, fully support the Baby Goat Revolution, which sees a hilarious or adorable new video of the adorable little scamps posted to the intarwubs at least once a day. Today’s baby goat video illustrates how even the calmest of moments can go pear-shaped with just a little bit of interference.

Let us set the scene: Somewhere in Nepal, a baby goat lounges on the ground, apparently contemplating his lot in life while other animals mill about, all bokehed out by the videographer. Unbeknownst to the viewer, the baby goat is on the verge of achieving enlightenment. The universe unfolds in front of his weird-shaped eyes like a lotus blossom, and then…

A fly up the nose. Baby Goat Enlightenment gone in a single, buzzing instant. It’s the sort of thing that could drive you wild, and it does drive this baby goat a little bit wild, as he spends the rest of the video reacting, sneezing, and pawing at his nose.

The little goat looks pretty shaken up by the incident, or at least a bit annoyed, but we’re hoping he got back to his state of Zen eventually. He may have to deal with pesky flies, but at least he’s not getting called wimpy, and at least he’s not in a wheelchair.