Guy Puts On Bear Suit For Social Experiment, When He Takes The Mask Off The Reason Why Will Open Your Eyes

All too often, we as a society judge a book by its cover.

Pro Infirmis, an organization for people with disabilities, is looking to change that with their video "Get Closer" that is meant to bring awareness to those who treat handicapped men and women differently.

The description of their YouTube video reads:

"There are only a few people who don't have empathy with disabled people. Nevertheless, the passenger seat in the public bus next to Fabian often stays empty. Handicapped people are a regular part of our society."
Aiming to "make handicaps disappear," the video features a playful looking bear (Fabian) standing in the middle of a busy square, asking for hugs. As the day goes on, person after person hugs the bear, taking pictures and enjoying the experience.

Men, women, and children of all ages excitedly approach the bear with a smile on their face, just like they're at their favorite theme park. Barriers come down, timidness vanishes and days are brightened at the sight of this lovable bear.

As the day full of joy comes to a close, the costume wearer removes the head, revealing to viewers who is in the suit.

The message the video is sending is loud and clear as it asks, "Do we need to disguise ourselves to get closer?"

At the end of the day, we are all human. We all need to feel the embrace of another, to feel loved, to be close and to be seen just as everyone else is.

Let us all take the message and join Pro Infirmis to make handicaps disappear.