Destiny Abdelmalek: Toddler In Critical Condition After Nurse Plunges Her In Scalding, Hot Water

Destiny Abdelmalek, a 20-month-old baby from New Jersey, is currently being treated for third-degree burns after a nurse put her in scalding hot water, burning 20 percent of her body.

Destiny’s mother, Miriam Khella, told WABC that her baby sustained the terrible injuries because the nurse taking care of her, 30-year-old Ellen Ejimkanye, plunged her inside a bath of scalding, hot water. Destiny immediately suffered apparent injuries but instead of dialing 911, the nurse decided to clothe Destiny. Miriam said that she had to cut off the clothing from Destiny’s body to aid her child.

Miriam recalled how Destiny suffered from the horrible incident:

“When I carried her, she screamed even more. She started pulling her body away from mine and I knew there was something definitely wrong. I looked down at her feet and they were bright red, and there was no skin on them inside the sandals.

“There was no skin, I think the nurse burned my baby. There were bubbles skin coming off on my hand and she was screaming. I dialed 911 and was screaming at the nurse, ‘What did you do, what did you do to her?’ She wants me to carry her, I can’t, there’s nothing I can do for her.”


According to doctors from St. Barnabas Hospital where the baby is receiving treatment, Destiny’s lungs are already compromised and are at risk of collapsing. Destiny’s burns are complicated by the fact that she was born prematurely, adding more potential conditions that can further harm the baby. Numerous life-saving tubes are connected to Destiny’s body, held by gauze that also serve to cover up her severe burns.

Ellen Ejimkanye has been ordered to surrender her license to the professional board. Officials are expecting her to voluntarily surrender her license, but they noted that they will impose further actions if Ejimkanye does not bring it in on her own accord.

Although the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office believes that Destiny’s injuries may not have been inflicted on purpose, the nurse will still face charges of aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a child, and child abuse.

Sadly, this isn’t the first instance a nurse has been featured on the news for grave misconduct. Only recently, The Inquisitr reported the public outcry a nurse in the Philippines caused after she allegedly placed tapes on newly born infants’ mouths to keep them from being noisy.

People are praying and hoping that Destiny Abdelmalek recovers from her horrible injuries.

[Image from WABC via Daily Mail]