Insane Video Shows Guy Cliff Jumping, What He Has To Fight Off When He Lands In The Water Will Blow Your Mind

A recently posted YouTube video shows a man fighting off a Great White shark while cliff jumping in Sydney Harbor.

Shot from the point of view of a GoPro camera attached to the man, he slides around a gate at Manly Jump Rock in Sydney meant to deter people from cliff jumping. The man readies himself and then takes the leap from atop the cliff, plunging into the water below.

As the man surfaces, he is alerted by his friends of a fast approaching shark. Turning to locate the shark underwater, the man comes face to face with dangerous animal. You can hear the terrified man let out a panic-stricken scream underwater before he surfaces again.

Quickly realizing the peril he is in, he attempts to punch and kick at the shark as he frantically tries to swim to the edge of the rocks. The enormous shark makes two close passes at the man before he is able to fully lift himself out of the water and into safety.

Finally safe from the danger, the cliff jumper mutters an expletive in disbelief of the horrifying situation that he had just encountered.

GoPro’s have been credited with catching some incredible moments on camera, including this brush with a terrifying Great White shark. However, not all moments captured by GoPro’s have to be death-defying or dangerous. Be sure to check out this adorable video of a baby on a swing that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.