Keira Knightley Got Married Because She’d ‘Never Done It Before’

Keira Knightley has revealed why she got married to her rocker boyfriend, James Righton, and it’s probably not quite as romantic a reason as you would have envisioned.

Speaking to Glamour magazine, the cover of which she adorns for the July 2014 issue, she recalled, “When James proposed, I just thought, ‘Well, never done that before.’ It seemed like a fun thing to do.” Each to their own, I suppose, but I’m sure Righton, who is a musician in the UK band The Klaxons, isn’t complaining.

The duo began dating in late February 2011, then tied the knot in 2013 at a quiet ceremony in the South of France. The duo now resides in Islington, London.

Previously, Knightley appeared to forget her own wedding anniversary after she was reminded of it by an E! News reporter on the red carpet. “Oh yeah, is it?!” she exclaimed when told of their anniversary, before she declared that it must have been a pretty good year for the pair because they’re “still together.”

During the same interview with Glamour, Knightley also revealed that she only gives herself a $50,000 a year salary to live on. This is despite the fact that she is one of the richest celebrities under 30 in the world and is believed to possess a net worth of around $50 million.

Explaining her relatively impoverished way of living, Knightley declared, “I think living an expensive lifestyle means you can’t hang out with people who don’t live that lifestyle. It alienates you. Some of my best most hilarious times have been in the least luxurious places.”

Of course, it probably makes it easier to live in such a way when you have about 50 million dollars in the bank, but there’s something kind of noble in her pursuit to remain close to her friends.

Knightley doesn’t appear to be going out of her way to add to her rather impressive bank account since she starred in the hugely successful Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise. Since 2012, she has only appeared in a few films, which included the low budget fares, Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World and Begin Again, as well as the blockbuster effort Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and the period drama Anna Karenina.

However, she did receive a rather lucrative endorsement deal from Chanel, which probably went a long way to paying her bills.

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