Ashton Kutcher Controlling Of Mila Kunis' Diet And Exercise Regime While Pregnant?

Ashton Kutcher is controlling of Mila Kunis' diet and exercise regime while she's pregnant, a source claims. The "policing" Kutcher does of his fiancee's eating habits and physical activity is said to be driving the 30-year-old mother-to-be "insane."

RadarOnline reports that its source tells them Ashton has a tendency to be overbearing with Mila while she's carrying their baby. She apparently isn't doing everything his way. The insider tells the celebrity news site:

"Ashton has been policing Mila about her pregnancy, diet and workout regime, and sulking when she blows off exercising or juicing with him."

The source adds this controlling behavior is typical of Kutcher and isn't anything new just because Kunis is pregnant:

"Ashton has always been weird about Mila's diet, even before she became pregnant, but now it's a whole other level of torture for her."

The report inserted a flashback moment from the Ellen DeGeneres Show when Mila said she craves the textbook foods pregnant women are known to enjoy during pregnancy. She admitted to Ellen that she eats "sauerkraut all day long." She said Ashton stocked up on "weird food" in case she got intense cravings:

"He assumed that I was gonna have goofy cravings, so he stocked our secondary fridge with weird food, just like pickles, and sauerkraut, or like anchovies, and ice creams…just in case at one point during this pregnancy I'd be like, 'I really want something.'"

A separate Inquisitr article reports on this Ellen episode that aired in May.

The insider tells RadarOnline that Ashton's "controlling" nature towards Mila isn't a complete surprise:

"Ashton is really hard on Mila but it's also because they have known each other since they were kids. So there has always been a weird, and sometimes mean, brother-sister dynamic to their relationship."

In other news surrounding Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, the couple are reportedly waiting until after their baby is born to get married. They want to wait until things settle down with all of the changes they're making, according to E! Online. The pair "have a lot going on right now," a source "close" to the couple says. Ashton and Mila are busy getting things ready in the new $10 million, 7,351-square-foot mansion they just purchased in Beverly Hills.

The insider says Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are juggling a lot of things at once... adding:

"But they are really happy and in love. They can't wait for their baby to arrive."
[Image via Star magazine]