Global Warming: What This Chef Does On Asphalt Might Make You Think Twice [VIDEO]

The World Wildlife Fund cooked an entire meal on asphalt in Paraguay in an attempt to bring awareness to Global Warming, according to Upworthy.

Partnering with OniriaTBWA, the World Wildlife Fund aimed to send a strong message as they prepared the “Global Warming Menu” in the city of Asunción, reportedly the hottest city in the world.

Lining the street with the outline of a grill made of chalk, the chef in the video proceeds to prepare what looks to be a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon and even a biscuit. The hot asphalt ended up providing the perfect cooking surface for the entire meal.

“We needed something impactful to bring attention to this very serious matter. And it is working; everyone is talking about it in Paraguay and most importantly learning which are the little changes we can make to help our planet,” said Camilo Guanes, CEO of OniriaTBWA.

According to I Am Selfless, a site dedicated to raising global awareness about important issues, Paraguay is the one of the most forest depleted countries in the world with over 80% of native Paraguayan forests being destroyed. The video released informs its viewers that this deforestation is directly related to the rising temperatures in the country.

While some may feel that Global Warming is a hoax created by “unpatriotic racists,” that bottom line is that asphalt is unbelievably hot any way you look at it.

Do you feel that Global Warming is an issue that needs to be taken more seriously by people everywhere?