Joss Stone Talks New Album, is Bemused by Kidnap Plot

Singer Joss Stone has released a new album to positive reviews, but the project comes just weeks after a strange plot to kidnap and harm the young songstress near her home in Devon, England emerged.

Stone, 24, spoke recently in interviews about how she is reluctant to leave the area in which she grew up, and spoke about enhancing her security in the wake of the arrests of two men. Stone hasn’t been put off Devon, she explains:

I have lived in the same house in Devon, England since I was 8. Nobody ever wants to leave Devon because why would they? It is lovely and calm and the people are normal. A lot of people have moved here from London and the people who are born here are just like, ‘well I am not leaving it is bloody gorgeous.’

Stone continues:

Everyone I know that lives around here has lived here for years and have known me since I was a little girl. If I had moved an hour up the road it wouldn’t be the same. I am happy living a private life in Devon. Too much attention is not good. People get starstruck but not around here. I am not going anywhere no matter what.

The soul singer has just released a new album, LP1, and says the plot was a “blessing in disguise,” as she was prompted to install a “sophisticated alarm system.”