Eric Cantor Loses Republican Primary To Tea Party Candidate Dave Brat In Historic Upset

In a shocking and unprecedented turn of events, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost the Virginia Republican Primary election to relatively unknown Economics professor Dave Brat, a Tea Party member.

For those who thought the Tea Party had seen better days, this victory by Brat serves to prove the smaller Conservative branch is still very much relevant in American politics.

At the time this article is being drafted, Brat held 55.6 percent of the vote (35,775 votes), while Eric Cantor received a dismal 44.4 percent of votes (28,603 votes).

The Associated Press called the race about one hour after the polls closed at 7 pm ET.

Nobody, and we mean nobody, predicted this result, which is creating shock waves throughout the political circles all over the county at this late hour on Tuesday night.

Cantor is the second most powerful Republican in the House of Representatives after the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and has been in Congress for the past two-and-a-half decades.

Eric Cantor was initially supported by the Tea Party, but in recent years they accused him of not representing his conservative constituents.

As information trickles out, social media is lighting up with the news of Cantors defeat at Brat’s hands, and some are already mentioning the fact that incumbents are going to have a difficult time winning their races as many Americans are disappointed with the establishment and lack of action in Washington, D.C.

Cantor to supporters after loss: “I know there’s a lot of long faces here tonight. And it’s disappointing, sure.”

— Alex Pappas (@AlexPappas) June 11, 2014

In his concession speech, Eric Cantor thanked his supporters who worked tirelessly to help him in his campaign. With his wife standing by his side, a deflected Cantor said his party is about making America work for everyone

Eric Cantor, who had access to over $5 million in campaign funds, is the first House Majority Leader in the history of the Republic to lose in a primary.

More news on Eric Cantor’s unprecedented defeat as details become available.