Tracy Morgan’s FX Show Put On Hold After Comedian’s Horrific Accident

Following Tracy Morgan’s serious car crash last weekend, FX is coming forward to issue a statement in regards to the sitcom the network picked up all those weeks ago.

Although there’s been more important questions to address surrounding Tracy Morgan, like if his leg will be amputated (that rumor was debunked by his fiance), or how his recovery will be, another factor to consider is how will his career might be affected by the fatal car crash that took the life of comedian Jimmy Mack, and left several others critically injured.

According to FX, the obvious answer is that the production behind the show will not happen in August as planned, which will probably affect the January 2015 release date. Fortunately, FX is more concerned by the “arduous” recovery Tracy Morgan will have to go through in the coming weeks and months.

Tracy Morgan’s show, which is headed up by the creators of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, will be put on hold while Morgan is taking the steps in his recovery.

The statement from FX reads:

“The only thing we are concerned with is the health and recovery of Tracy Morgan and the victims of this tragic accident. We will support Tracy and his family in every way possible throughout his recovery. At the point when Tracy has recovered and decides that he is ready to go back to work, his show will be waiting for him. Right now our thoughts and prayers remain with Tracy, the other victims of the accident, and their families.”

While Morgan remains in critical but stable condition, his Hollywood friends continue to rally behind him in support. Many took to Twitter to express their well wishes for the comedian, while others have been generous with their words during red carpet interviews.

Andy Samberg, a fellow Saturday Night Live co-star, said that everyone is “just holding our breath. I know as much as you do, but it’s terrifying, and my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. We all hope he makes it through. It’s awful.”

Tank told HipHollywood his thoughts following Morgan’s accident:

“We are just praying for him, we need Tracy Morgan. We love him and we are praying for him. Life is not promised and you never know day to day what life is going to bring you. We just live everyday like it’s our last and we plan for the next.”

Tracy is expected to stay in the hospital for several weeks due to his injuries.