ALERT: Melissa McCarthy Will Make You Spew Your Mt. Dew In 'Tammy' (Video)

Melissa McCarthy's breakfast of champions involves her husband, Ben Falcone, and a movie idea. That's how Tammy came into being. What is Tammy? Only one of the most hilarious characters played by Melissa McCarthy.

Melissa McCarthy's newest and one of her funniest films ever, Tammy, will be released by Warner Bros. on July 2, per McCarthy tells about the inception of the film. Melissa remembers, "He (McCarthy's husband) came down stairs one morning, blurry-eyed, hair all over the place, in his pajamas, and goes: 'I'm not sure if I had a dream, but I want to write a movie where you go on a road trip with your grandma and I think she's an alcoholic and she sleeps around,'" says McCarthy. "He was, like, not fully awake. I was like, 'OK. That sounds great. Want some coffee?'" McCarthy quipped.

Melissa McCarthy talks to Access Hollywood in the clip below about making this film with her hubby, Ben.

It took McCarthy and Falcone six years to write and develop the film Tammy, and McCarthy is very excited about it. Tammy is a film that McCarthy and her husband created together. What was also cool for them is that Tammy was set in Illinois, near where Falcone grew up and also where Melissa went to college, according to

US Magazine reveals that Tammy is about "a woman (McCarthy) who turns to desperate measures after she falls on some desperate times. After the loss of her job and the dissolution of her marriage, she (McCarthy) robs a fast food joint with the help of her hand disguised as a gun in a paper bag."

The plot thickens, according to, as "Tammy (McCarthy) hits the road with her wild Grandma Pearl (Susan Sarandon), both an alcoholic and a diabetic. As Pearl quickly turns out to be more in need of help than her granddaughter, Tammy finds herself along for a series of increasingly ridiculous misadventures." Yes, this sounds like typical hysterical fun with Melissa McCarthy. Movie goers better wear their depends.

McCarthy tells that she has so much fun working with her husband. Melissa, having been happily married to Ben for nine years, admits that "You always have those people for whatever reason you have the right chemistry with and Ben is definitely that fella for me. And I tend to like him quite a bit." Melissa confesses, "I'm going to keep him."

Check out the trailer for Tammy.

There hasn't been a lot of buzz around the Hollywood scene about Tammy amidst all the summer blockbuster thrillers. Hopefully McCarthy's film won't get lost in the crowd. Melissa McCarthy's fans will need to give Tammy the support base it needs to bring in big ticket sales. Good luck, Melissa!

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