Tennessee Cannibal Accused Of Murdering Woman, Dismembering And Eating Her Body Parts

A Tennessee man accused of murdering a woman, dismembering her body, and eating part of her remains, was arrested at his home on Sunday. He is charged with premeditated first-degree murder and abuse of a corpse.

Timesfreepress.com reported on Monday that Gregory Hale, aged 37, had a conversation with a neighbor of his which led him to conclude that Hale had committed a murder. The victim of the atrocity has been identified as 36-year-old Lisa Hyder, from Dekalb County.

Assistant District Attorney Marla Holloway said about the shocking crime: “We are very early in the investigation. The officers were out late last night into the early hours of the morning gathering information.”

According to detectives the gruesome murder took place at Hale’s house on Pete Sain Road in Manchester on or around Friday.

The arrest affidavit confirms that Hale admitted to the murder, telling officers that he beheaded the victim, severed her hands and feet, and ate parts of her corpse.

In an attempt to cover his tracks, Hale buried his victim’s torso on his land. Following his arrest, it became clear that he hadn’t known the victim before the night she was murdered.

Bizarrely, it was reported by WMSV.com that Hale and Hyder were sitting in front of the fire in his living room talking calmly when Hale suddenly attacked her.

After further questioning, Gregory Hale offered officers no motive for the brutal murder nor the reason he ate parts of his victim.

The only lead detectives have on the motive is a from a friend of Hale who said he was a devil worshipper who had previously been fired from his job at an animal slaughterhouse after hehad been found performing some type of satanic ritual with animal parts.

The investigation continues, and there will be a court hearing in the near future.