Wildfire Wedding: Couple Forced To Rush Wedding Ceremony Due To Wildfire, The Photos They Captured Will Blow Your Mind

An Oregon couple captured a series of incredible photographs as a blazing wildfire rushed towards their dream wedding location.

In an event very similar to the season finale of Modern Family, Oregon couple Michael and April Wobler were forced to rush through the wedding ceremony due to an approaching wildfire in the area. However, as they were forced to move to their alternate location, the photos that their photographer captured will make your jaw drop.

Choosing their dream destination at Rock Springs Ranch in Oregon, the happy couple were warned by firefighters shortly before the ceremony that the Two Bulls wildfire was on a path heading directly for them, according to BuzzFeed.

After receiving official permission, they proceeded with the wedding, rushing through the entire ceremony as they recited their vows and declared their love for one another.

After finishing up the shortened service at their dream location, the couple and their guests safely moved to the alternate location before the wildfire came close enough to risk any harm.

However, no wedding is complete without the wedding photos.

Fortunately for the happy couple, their photographer was able to capture some absolutely mind-blowing shots of a scene that they will surely never forget.

The Two Bulls wildfire was reportedly caused by humans and has burned an estimated 6,800 acres. The total estimate of damage so far is $2.2 million with the fire only 25% contained. There have been no reported casualties as a result of the fire.

Check out the photos below:

[Images via Josh Netwon]

[H/T Buzzfeed]