New York’s Gay Marriage Law Already Being Challenged In Court

Gay men and women in New York are getting married at a rapid rate and now opponents to the newly passed same-sex marriage law are challenging the law in court, claiming that legislators violated state senate procedures when they approved the bill in June. The bill is being challenged by New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms and an individual Rabbi.

In the lawsuit the prosecution claims that Gov. Andrew Cuomo illegally waived the three-day waiting period required between a bill’s introduction and vote, while Republican’s who have the majority gave promoters an unlimited amount of time to talk about the measure, while at the same time silencing detractors of the bill.

The lawsuit also says that four GOP Senators who received large donations voted for the bill in support of those groups and individuals who are supporting their campaigns.

According to Rev. Jason McGuire:

“We should have an open and deliberative process,” while adding “If truly the legislation can stand on its own merits, then it should be able to withstand being deliberated publicly.”

The same-sex marriage law will more than likely face many more obstacles, however at this time an increasing number of same-sex couples are showing up at New York courthouses to wed, even among protests that carry on following the passing of the bill.