These Magical Photos Of A Belgium Forest Will Take Your Breath Away

It’s no secret that there are beautiful places all over the world, but when you come across a place that looks like it was ripped right out of a fairytale it’s hard not to dream a little bit.

These breathtaking photos feature a very magical forest located 30 minutes south of Brussels in Belgium. Blanketed in beautiful bluebell flowers during the spring, this forest called Hallerbos creates one of the most mystical scenes you’ll ever see as the beauty spans the forest floor.

“The colors are really that blue, especially under the moist conditions of the morning fog,” says Kilian Schönberger, one of the featured photographers below.

Creating a carpet-like effect, these blooming bluebell flowers offer breathtaking views of untouched nature in a way that we don’t get to see everyday.

Please, enjoy these photos of the Hallerbos Forest in Belgium and don’t be afraid to day dream, just a little bit.

[Image via Mathijs Frenken]

[Image via Matthias Locker]

[Image via Walter Spoor]

[Image via Jimmy De Taeye]

[Image via josnas]

[Image via Bart Ceuppens]

[Image via Adrian Popan]

[Image via Kilian Schönberger]

[Image via gvriend]

[Image via Ramon Stijnen]

[Images via Guy Lambrechts]

[Image via Robert Delpeut]

[Image via Kilian Schönberger]

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