Brilliant Interactive Movie Trailer Automatically Texts Audiences Phones, The Reason Why Is Eye Opening

As texting and driving continues to pose a problem, the groups aiming at raising awareness are getting even more creative about how they spread their anti texting and driving advertisements.

Produced by Volkswagen, this eye opening video features hidden cameras on an audience as the movie trailers begin to roll. Opening with a car driving down the road, this scene seems to be the beginning your typical trailer.

However, with a location based broadcaster, a text message is sent to each audience member, ultimately causing each movie-goer to whip out their phone. Within seconds, the car on the screen brutally slams into a tree, displaying the message:

“Mobile use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel,” adding “A reminder to keep your eyes on the road.”

In an attempt to show just how fast an accident can occur when we take our eyes off the road, this ad against texting and driving is another solid PSA that will hopefully continue to bring awareness to the problem.