March 21, 2017
James Franco Finds Lead in Younger Brother for Adaptation Based on the Making of 'The Room'

James Franco will be sharing the screen with his younger brother, Dave Franco, in his upcoming adaptation of the book, The Disaster Artist, which chronicles the making of the cult hit film The Room, Variety reports.

Renowned for its poor writing, melodrama, and overly-drawn-out love scenes, The Room has become a benchmark against which all other bad films were judged. Yet despite all odds, director and star of the film, Tommy Wiseau, had unintentionally created a film that had garnered attention, and in 2013, The Room co-star Greg Sestero published a book detailing the strenuous development and filming of the project.

Back in February, Deadline reported James Franco's optioning of Sestero's book, and his intention to direct. Last month, it was heavily hinted by Entertainment Weekly that Franco would be playing the role of Tommy Wiseau himself. And now it has been revealed that Dave Franco will be taking on the role of Greg Sestero, whose perspective the film will follow during the creation of the "classic" movie.

This bombshell of sorts was dropped at a recent screening of The Room in Los Angeles, wherein, according to 3news, the younger Franco stood up during the Q&A session, and asked of the director, "Tommy, how do you feel about me playing Greg Sestero in the movie?"

"It's a good choice," was Wiseau's response, and before long word was spread via James Franco's Instagram account with a photo of Dave Franco and Wiseau, the caption reading "DAVY FRANCO and TOMMY WEISEAU!!!!! 'The Disaster Artist' COMING SOON!!!!"

Details on James Franco's film itself still remain relatively sparse, and though it has been labeled as a drama, one can't help but inquire about the tone of the Franco's film. After all, it will be following a man who by all accounts, is deadly serious about the merits of the film. Another "biopic" that comes to mind that one may be able to compare to Franco's is Tim Burton's Academy Award-winning dark comedy Ed Wood, which followed the career of notorious Z-grade film director Edward Wood, Jr., who would ultimately created Plan 9 From Outer Space, a movie has been labeled as "The Worst Film of All Time" by more sites than anyone can count. Though Burton definitely took his liberties with the facts in that film, it had a heart to it that hopefully Franco will also be able to capture in his own picture.

Thoughts on the newest casting choice? Is having two Francos lead a bit too much, or a recipe for goodness?