Ed Sheeran Secures Top Chart Spot, Reveals Secrets About Himself

The Inquisitr recently reported that Ed Sheeran was headed for his first number one spot on the UK charts. He reached the spot this past weekend with his hit single “Sing.”

According to The Telegraph, Sheeran’s track beat out Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” and Secondcity’s “I Wanna Feel,” which fell to second and third place respectively.

Ed Sheeran is a 23-year-old British singer and songwriter from Suffolk who has been capturing the hearts of fans everywhere with his soft, tutored vocals and his sentimental lyrics. Lately he’s been doing a lot of collaborating, but Sheeran’s second solo album titled x, or Multiply, is slated for international release on June 23. “Sing” is one of many hit singles to come off Ed’s upcoming LP, alongside “All Of The Stars” which is also featured on the soundtrack of the so far massively successful film The Fault In Our Stars.

According to the BBC, Sheeran’s number one single “Sing” was co-written and produced by Pharrell. As a result, the track is considerably different from Ed’s other songs, which tend to be gentle acoustic-guitar-driven love songs. “Sing” is a much more upbeat track with hip-hop and pop influences. The Telegraph calls it a mixture between One Direction and Justin Timberlake.

As Ed Sheeran gets more and more successful, it stands to reason that fans will want to know more and more about him. That’s why MTV recently put together an interview with Ed, asking him to share 100 facts about himself, including some pretty personal secrets. Ed reveals the first album he ever bought, his first tattoo, his first concert, and many embarrassing bits of Ed Sheeran trivia.

Some of the more juicy facts include that Ed was once mistaken for Rupert Grint, but he decided to go along with it. Ed had his first kiss at the age of 11 and described it as “wet.” He, like many redheads, had to endure the embarrassing nickname “fire crotch.” Ed’s favorite food is Bangers and Mash but he hates kale. As a kid, Ed slept with an iguana beanie baby. Whenever he forgets the lyrics to his songs while performing on stage, he pretends he’s taking a breath to fill the space. When it comes to other people’s music, Ed loves the Backstreet Boys and would love to hear Beyonce cover one of his songs.

To find out the rest of the 100 facts about Ed Sheeran, visit MTV.com. Ed will also be appearing in the MTV produced documentary “Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran” premiering on June 10 at 11 pm on MTV.