WWE News: Daniel Bryan Out Of Money In The Bank PPV, Set To Have WWE World Heavyweight Title Stripped on WWE RAW

The situation is now clear for Daniel Bryan heading into the WWE Money in the Bank PPV. As previously reported, WWE has been unsure about Bryan over the last few weeks. The idea was to have him come back at WWE Payback, but his neck did not heal in time.

As many fans know, Bryan had a neck procedure to correct nagging problems he was going through. Although it was a successful surgery, anyone who knows anything about the neck understands that it can be a slow healing process for many people.

The same is ongoing for Daniel Bryan. The procedure has a healing time of a minimum of eight weeks, which Bryan has yet to pass and will not pass in time for Money in the Bank. WWE figured that if he heals well enough, he could still face Kane in a Stretcher match… a glorified hardcore match where the purpose is to beat down a person until they can be wheeled out on a stretcher. Clearly, it would not be the ideal comeback match for Bryan to start with, but WWE still held out hope.

Sadly, reports suggest that Bryan’s neck is not healing fast enough and he will now be out of the Money in the Bank PPV. WWE did not want this as Bryan was clearly a hot name for them, and he was obviously doing a great job as champion. The issue is WWE must have a defending World Champion. If Bryan cannot wrestle, then he cannot defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

WWE currently has a person in mind to win the about-to-be-vacant Championship. However, we will not know who that person will be until the day of the PPV, obviously. WWE has a scenario in mind if Bryan can’t wrestle at the Money in the Bank PPV.

If Bryan is unable to compete, WWE will instead vacate the Title and have the Money in the Bank Ladder Match crown the next champion. Thus far, WWE does not have a lot of people in the match. This was done so that WWE would have the opportunity to see how Bryan’s neck heals. Once they know he isn’t ready to wrestle, they will fill out the entire match.

John Cena might be out as he recently got hurt at a live event. His eye is now swollen shut. WWE could always use Randy Orton as the guy, but there are many people who could be in line for the title, so we will have to wait and see where the WWE goes with this. WWE might even add another Money in the Bank Ladder match. For now, it’s just a waiting game when it comes to the WWE.

The only thing we know right now is that, as of tonight, Daniel Bryan will no longer be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It is said that he most likely will be out until SummerSlam or longer. This all depends on how his neck heals, but at the moment, it’s healing slowly. However, that could change.

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