DOTA Gamer Robbed At Gunpoint In Home Invasion While The World Watched On Streaming Video

A well-known DOTA gamer was apparently the victim of a home invasion which was captured on her webcam early this morning.

Two armed men apparently barged into the gamer’s Phoenix-area apartment while she was playing DOTA 2, the popular multi-player video game that is a stand-alone sequel to the Defense of the Ancients.

The DOTA (or Dota) 2 player in question goes by the screen name of Sajedene. Many other online gamers from all over the internet who were watching Sajedene’s live stream on apparently alerted authorities to the home invasion. Tempe, Arizona police responded to the scene. “At that point gamers from around the world were watching the home invasion occur while trying to contact the corresponding law enforcement agency,” said Tempe police Sgt. Steve Carbajal, in explaining how authorities were notified. A local gamer apparently directed cops to the exact location of the in-progress robbery.

According to the Daily Dot, “[Nikki] Elise, known online as Sajedene, was playing the popular competitive game on Twitch when shouting erupted elsewhere in her Phoenix home. A look of shock took her as she ran to see what was happening. Seconds later, a man armed with a pistol can be seen entering her room and removing some items before walking out again.”

Reportedly the intruders stole her own guns, computer, and other items, according to Gawker. There were no injuries in the 5 am home invasion, fortunately.

Tempe police encountered one of the suspects still in the apartment and captured him after a short foot chase. The other suspect is still at large and is being hunted by SWAT officers. The area in question contains several apartment complexes which could enable the suspect to hide from pursuers at least temporarily. A specific motive for the home invasion has yet to be disclosed.