‘CoD: Advanced Warfare’ Trailer From E3 2014 Promises Big Changes [Video]

The CoD: Advanced Warfare E3 2014 trailer is looking to blow away your expectations. Previous games in the series have always been some kind of nostalgic war simulator, but this year’s Call of Duty from Sledgehammer Games promises to change everything.

The next game looks like it’s going to be a thrill ride from start to finish, giving us mechanical enhancement suits and the acting talents of Kevin Spacey to power us through this rival to Battlefield: Hardline.

It appears all of the major shooters are going for a fresh change of pace. Call of Duty is taking the war into the future, while Battlefield is taking it to the streets and giving you both sides of the law.

The first thing we see is a soldier appearing to punch a white wall and then fly off, out of control, into traffic. Could this mean we will see melee gameplay inside moving vehicles? As restrictive as that sounds, it could lead to some rather intense moments.

The next scene in the CoD: Advanced Warfare trailer is a closeup from behind the turbine engines of some airborne vehicles. A city sprawls out below, with a large rounded structure off to the left. That structure may be an important part of the game, possibly a “thunderdome” for soldiers who just want to fight. It could also be the headquarters for Kevin Spacey’s character in the game.

The next scene shows someone’s battle suit unfolding around them as they turn and threaten a couple of enemies in yellow suits, complete with masks. They could be security officers in a hazardous materials facility, meaning a possible chemical warfare or nuclear threat could be involved in the single player storyline.

There also appears to be some high tech motorcycles or hovercrafts you might be riding into combat.

Further into the video, there is a blue room with a grid of lines across the floor, usually indicating a battle simulator. The rest shows a couple of soldiers jumping into the war zone before the video blacks out.

Was there anything else you might have noticed in the CoD: Advanced Warfare trailer from E3 2014?

[image via forbes]