Selena Gomez Talks Food, Fashion

Selena Gomez, the singer, actress, and girlfriend to “The Biebs,” recently admitted she has another secret love – carbohydrates.

In an interview with Buzz magazine, Selena jokingly revealed that if her fame ever diminishes, she plans on opening her own bakery.

“I’d love to open my own bakery, I can’t bake but I’d like to open one and have people bake for me and get really fat!”

While Gomez revealed that a high metabolism – one of the many advantages of being so young – keeps her from worrying about maintaining her slim figure, she does realize that her fondness for pasta and other sweets could one day catch up to her and force her to diet.

“There are moments when I feel a bit awkward in my own skin, but overall I’m happy. I’m still young enough to eat what I like – I love pasta – and not worry about exercise, but that’s bound to catch up with me,” laughed the 19-year-old Monte Carlo star to

In addition to uncovering her secret cravings, Selena, a teen fashion icon who has graced the cover of the Teen Vogue magazine two times, admitted that her sense of style didn’t always come so “easy.”

“Fashion awareness is relatively new to me. I was a tomboy when I was younger: a T-shirt, skinny jeans and Converse were my uniform every single day. I’ve grown to love fashion through doing photoshoots recently.”

via Yahoo