68-Year-Old Florida Woman Arrested For Having ‘Public Drunken Sex’ In Retirement Community Square

A 68-year-old Florida woman was arrested last week for having drunken sex in front of numerous onlookers in the middle of a square at a Florida retirement community.

Margaret Ann Klemm was found by sheriff’s deputies at the Lake Summer Landing, one of three squares located in “The Village” community, having sex with David Bobilya, a man nearly 20 years younger than her.

Police said that when they arrived at the scene in the evening hours, they found Klemm naked from the waist down with her shirt pulled down.

The gentleman involved with her, 49-year-old Bobilya, was also caught with his pants around his ankles.

The horny couple were clearly very drunk, according to investigators, but complied with officers after being instructed to put their clothes back on.

The pair were arrested for indecent exposure and disorderly conduct charges.

The thing about this little story out of Florida is the fact that Klemm is actually a resident at The Villages and Bobilya lives in nearby Summerfield.

According to the court records the pair, who were released on $1,500 bail, are scheduled for arraignment on July 2.

It appears that Klemm is no stranger to the local police force. Just four days prior to this incident she settled a DUI case in which she pleaded guilty; she was sentenced to a year’s probation as well as having her license suspended.

The place where the action all happened, The Villages, boasts a massive community of over 50,000 residents, and has three traditional town squares in which there are a number of stores for the convenience of local residents.

There is even free nightly entertainment in the squares, and the show finishes promptly at 9 p.m. However, in these shows, all the performers are fully clothed.

It remains to be seen what the punishment will be for Margaret Klemm’s latest arrest and whether she will be deterred from further disorderly behavior in the future.