‘Crackdown 3’ Expected To Be Announced At E3

Among the many expected announcements at this year’s E3 is the unveiling of Crackdown 3 during Monday night’s Microsoft press conference.

While the Crackdown 3 rumors are just that right now, all signs point to the announcement of the new game in the now long running series. Industry website Develop was the first to break the news of the possible third iteration of the Crackdown franchise.

Details of what Crackdown 3 might entail are very scarce, with the website not knowing much more about the game other than its impending unveiling. The publication has guessed it will almost undoubtedly be another open world scenario and likely available for the Xbox One.

Crackdown 3 could be a continuation of a series that hit some rocky shoals once Crackdown 2 was released. While people loved the original Crackdown, there were complaints about the sequel.

This isn’t the first time that Crackdown has been talked about along with Xbox One. Back in May, 2013, Phil Spencer teased the game series by showing an agility orb on the Xbox One dashboard.

That was seemingly the only piece of game lore that was from a game that hasn’t since been confirmed for the next generation console. Later on, Spencer confirmed the Crackdown teaser was deliberate.

“The homage to Crackdown in the [May 21 event] reveal screenshots was… I know there was some, like, ‘Did we accidentally sneak that…?’ It wasn’t accidental. Definitely,” said Spencer.

Just who the publisher for Crackdown 3 might be is still a bit of a mystery. The publisher of the original game, Realtime Worlds, has long since shut its doors. The maker of Crackdown 2, Ruffian games, has already said they won’t be working on another game in the series.

Who might be working on the game, should it be officially confirmed, should be one of the things we learn later tonight. Whether it will be a reboot of the original or an actual continuation is likely to be divulged this evening as well.

The third iteration in this series has been rumored for a long time now and if it is confirmed there will certainly be a group of fans that are plenty excited about the continuation or restart.

Depending on what Microsoft is bringing to the table, there’s a fairly good chance that the announcement of a brand new Crackdown could be one of biggest pieces of news at E3 for the Xbox One.

Are you excited for a Crackdown 3 announcement?