Mike Tyson Trades Places with Male Nurse for New Reality Show

Retired champion boxer Mike Tyson recently spent some time in a West Michigan hospital – to shoot a new CBS reality show.

In the new series, titled Same Name, celebrities will trade places with a total stranger who shares their same name to experience each others lives.

For Tyson, the former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, that meant donning hospital scrubs and temporarily swapping spots with a registered nurse in Grand Rapids – who consequently got to “live it up” in Iron Mike’s Las Vegas pad.

According to “Kid Dynamite,” the the experience of the new show, which he admitted “taught him to be a human,” was crazy but came “natural.”

“I felt it was crazy,” said Tyson in an interview with WWMT, “and the more I kept associating with these kind of bizarre shows, like Funny or Die and all these things, I became somewhat used to making a fool of myself, it comes pretty natural.”

Other big names to appear in episodes of the new series include NFL star Reggie Bush, comedian Kathy Griffin, and Baywatch icon David Hasselhoff.

The Mike Tyson Same Name episode will be broadcast on August 7th.

Photo Credit: CBS