Extreme Cougar Hunter: 31-Year-Old Man Dishes About Relationship with 91-Year-Old Girlfriend

Remember that old cliché, “age is nothing but a number”? Well, its definitely true where 31-year-old Kyle Jones is concerned. Unlike most men his age, he isn’t fantasizing about women like Eva Mendes, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez. He’s actually explained that people are simply “wired differently” because no man is attracted to the same type of woman. He openly admitted that he’s personally interested in older women – much older women.

According to the Daily Mail, Jones made headlines when news reports began circulating about his relationship with a senior citizen woman. Marjorie McCool, a 91-year-old great-grandmother and widower, also offered her perspective of their budding romance.

“It’s very flattering to have a younger guy chase you,” she notes, adding, “Sometimes I feel like he’s another son… until we hop into bed.” Although she didn’t go into detail about their sexual relationship, she make it quite clear she has absolutely no complaints. “The physical side of our relationship is wonderful,” she reveals. “I amaze myself. He amazes me. And I like it.”

Jones also chimed in to give specifics about what he admires about older women. He expressed his appreciation for the “facial lines” and all of the changes women tend to undergo with age. “Women worry about their boobs sagging,” he adds. “I think the natural hang looks great. I’m really not a fan of plastic surgery. I don’t like to say ‘gray’; I’m a fan of platinum hair.”

Jones has also taken McCool to meet his mother. While most people would probably be rather skeptical of the fairly odd couple, Jones’ mother is quite pleased with his choice, and is very supportive of their relationship.

“The older women are more mature,” she observes. “They’re [people] he can actually sit down and talk to. And he’s not hurting anybody, so I don’t really think that it’s really anybody’s business.”

Do you see anything wrong with Jones’ relationship with McCool?

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